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It is my mission and greatest pleasure to be a valuable source for education on sustainable small livestock living – in my community and beyond. For the past nine years, Daffodil Hill Farm has been the destination for farm tours and educational programming about animal husbandry, farm lifestyle and how living with nature can positively impact our lives.

Children and adults have the opportunity to engage with animals at all stages of development, learn about local foraging opportunities and processes and gain skills about integrating sustainable living to all lifestyles.

Daffodil Hill functions as a laboratory for developing best practices for models to offer and train women, families and children to create a lifestyle that includes sustainable living. My research includes experimenting with farm design, animal collections and animal health that are most viable to those wishing to create farmsteads and integrate farm animals and lifestyles into whatever life they choose. Ultimately my mission is to help others create mini farms that are appropriate for their needs. 

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Let us help you recycle Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations (they are yummy!) and bales of hay and straw.

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