Daffodil Hill Farm

Current Availability:

Animals for sale are not for food.

Currently I have a variety of mix-breed chicks for sale as well as five mini Alpine goats (and one Nigerian Dwarf doeling) including 1 doe in milk (currently weaning), doelings, 1 registered buck and 1 buckling who is still nursing. I’ll post details and images soon. Please contact me for more information.


Beautiful Mini Alpine Doeling – 4th Generation, black and grey Cou Clair with wattles. Very sweet disposition but does headbutt the turkeys when they annoy her.

Disbudded. Born 2-21-17.

$200 Registered, $175 Unregistered. 50% Non refundable deposit to hold.


Adorable Mini Alpine Buckling – Born 5-15-2017 –  Unregistered $100 –  Available at eight weeks old.  50%, non refundable deposit to hold.

5-15-17 baby

Saddleback Sebastopol Gosling – Hatched 3-30-2017, could be curly breasted or smooth, unsexed. $50

Sebastopol gosling

Brahma mix chicks – varying ages (2 – 8 weeks) and colors. Most with feathered legs and very sweet dispositions. Some are Easter Eggers. Straight run. $3-$6 each. I have one pullet ready to lay, $6.

MOthers day peepers

Lemon Brahma/Mille Fleur D'uccle mix

Lemon Brahma/Mille Fleur D’uccle mix