What makes me happy?

That’s the question I asked myself that changed everything. I believe it’s the most important question anyone can ask themselves. The answer may wreck the world as you know it but it will set you free.

I’m Jake Keiser, formerly a city girl with no rural living experience. Now, after over 15 years living in the city, I’m creating a fabulous farm life in Oxford, MS.  People often ask me “why the drastic change?”. It was a gradual shift but one day I asked myself that simple question and I couldn’t think of a single thing. I found myself longing for a change to a more authentic life. I wanted to find a better life. I wanted to know joy. I wanted to know what it felt like to not work around the clock, even on vacations. I wanted to know if life could be lived without being in a constant state of anxiety. I wanted a life closer to nature where I could be more creative, peaceful and happy.

In November 2012, I threw myself into an unfamiliar country lifestyle where I’ve tried my hand at raising any animal that seemed interesting, including: geese, quail, ducks and rabbits. Currently, I raise chickens, turkeys, geese and dairy goats.

As I settled into this life I’ve discovered a new passion: Connecting with people who want to transform their own lives by finding courage and faith to take the first step. By following what speaks to you and moving away from toxic situations, relationships and patterns you give yourself permission to experience the beautiful side of life. We aren’t meant to slowly die inside. Sometimes we need others we can relate to, who are honest and willing to share their failures and insecurities that throw us a lifeline or even inspire us. It’s my mission to help others release trauma and take back their power through learning self-reliance skills. Simply, Self-Empowerment through Self-Reliance. 

My blog has personal stories, farm happenings, recipes and animal health posts. Feel free to follow along and learn from my successes and many, many mistakes.

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