What makes me happy?

It’s the question I asked myself that changed everything and it’s the most important question anyone can ask themselves. The answers may wreck the world as you know it but I promise it will set you free.

I’m Jake Keiser, formerly a city girl with no rural living experience. Now, after over 15 years living in Tampa Bay, FL I’m creating a fabulous farm life in Oxford, MS.  People often ask me “why the drastic change?”. It was a gradual shift but one day I asked myself that simple question and I couldn’t think of a single thing. I found myself longing for a change to a more authentic life. I wanted to find out exactly what makes me happy. I wanted to know joy. I wanted to know what it felt like to not work around the clock, even on vacations. I wanted to know if life could be lived without being in a constant state of anxiety. I wanted a life closer to nature where I could be more creative, peaceful and happy.

In November 2012, I threw myself into an unfamiliar country lifestyle where I’ve tried my hand at raising any animal that seemed interesting, including: geese, quail, ducks and even meat rabbits. Now, I raise chickens, turkeys and dairy goats. I focus primarily on Mini Alpine dairy goats, Sebastopol geese and Lemon Chiffon Brahma chickens.

Please excuse my lack of content currently on this site. I’m working on cleaning and repopulating but have chosen to keep it live while doing so.