Flea Markets & Animals

I love outdoor markets, flea markets, farmers markets – anyplace where locals trade or sell their wares. It’s like a treasure hunt every time. This weekend I went to the Ripley First Monday Trade Days flea market. That’s a mouthful so most … Continue reading

Mean Animals – Bria the Bitch

When I daydreamed about my future farm life I kept spreadsheets and documents outlining, in detail, exactly what animals and vegetables I wanted and why. I read about particular breeds of chickens who had “lap chicken” personalities. They were known … Continue reading

Animals Warnings

Yesterday the weather was amazing. It felt like early fall. Low humidity and a constant cooling breeze makes for a bunch of happy animals. I was able to open the doors and windows and turn my overworked air conditioner off. Considering it … Continue reading

My Farm and Life Will Never Be the Same

How do I write a tribute to an animal like Rupert? How do I do justice to such an incredible soul who touched so many people’s lives? As I write through my heartache I’m afraid I’ll miss something important about … Continue reading

Product Review: Dansha Farms Goat Milker

Let me start by saying I was not paid for this review.  I do not know anyone at the company or have advertising on my site. For years I’ve tried various inexpensive goat milkers. Spending thousands on bulky, heavy milk machines hasn’t … Continue reading

Having a Harmonious Farm

Farm visitors often comment on how well all my animals get along, even though I have a variety of species who free range and interact together daily. Much like people, animals have personalities that can vary wildly. Some are naturally aggressive very early … Continue reading

Sometimes You Have to Get Off the Farm

I live a fairly isolated life and I’ve had the tendency to be reclusive since moving to my property. There are several reasons for this but sometimes I need a break. When an opportunity arises that makes it worthwhile to leave … Continue reading

Welcoming Visitors – Farm Etiquette

I’ve always welcomed visitors to my farm when more and more farms are closing to the public. For me, it’s important that kids and adults alike get to experience nature and understand the food system and cycle of life. People … Continue reading

Chicken Moms – Broody Hens

It’s that time of year when I have hens who start to go broody. Hens who decide they want to be a mom are called “broody”. It should really be called “moody” because my little sweet balls of feathers become … Continue reading

Signs Your Goat is About to Kid

I’m embarrassed to say my does are kidding again. I had my buck separated but somehow Maybelle and Gemma got knocked up soon after they last kidded. Sigh. This is important information because I don’t know the date they were … Continue reading