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Polio in Goats

Last week I went out to feed the animals and my buck, Chauncey, pranced up to me crying. This in itself isn’t abnormal. He always gets excited about feeding time. At first I giggled because his antics were more over … Continue reading

Bringing Home Baby(ies)

It was time. After Maybelle’s attack well over a year ago,  (you can read about it here), she’s fully recovered. At first, she needed time alone to heal but after a year of this I could tell she wanted her … Continue reading

Summer 2019

This summer has been busy but lately it’s also been terribly hot. Although I lived in Florida for almost twenty years as well as in the sweltering tropics during my childhood…I just can’t take the heat anymore. I think I’m … Continue reading

Shocking Events

Two weeks ago, life delivered a shocking blow.  Recently I signed with a publisher to write my memoir. In order to have more time to write I let the goats go to another farm. The other farm couldn’t be more … Continue reading

Baby with a Destiny

Last week an old friend of mine from Tampa contacted me about a baby goat he was going to buy. He’s never had farm animals and wanted guidance. Since I love to give my opinion I was fully prepared to … Continue reading

Rescue Animals – Baby Goat

About a week ago I received a call from my niece. The vet contacted her about a sickly baby goat someone had dropped off. Apparently a college girl found the baby in her yard. The baby looked much like a … Continue reading

Livestock Feed in a Pinch

I’ll fully admit there have been times when I haven’t made it to the feed store before closing and have had to get creative with what the animals eat for dinner. During spring and summer months there’s so much natural browse and insects the … Continue reading

Unbearable Losses

It seems like just last week Rupert was killed. His death completely changed the energy of my farm and I’m far from over his loss. I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog. It’s hard to write when … Continue reading

Product Review: Dansha Farms Goat Milker

Let me start by saying I was not paid for this review.  I do not know anyone at the company or have advertising on my site. For years I’ve tried various inexpensive goat milkers. Spending thousands on bulky, heavy milk machines hasn’t … Continue reading

Signs Your Goat is About to Kid

While every doe is different, there are several physical and behavioral characteristics pointing to baby time. It’s important to pay close attention to each doe and their personal signs. The biggest signs for my herds include (I’ve bolded the 3 … Continue reading