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How to identify frizzle chicks as hatchlings

Hi guys! Things have been busy around here lately so I’ve neglected to post. But here is a short post on how to identify frizzle chicks after hatching (once they’re dry).  I’ve had many friends order frizzle chicks only to … Continue reading

How to cure Blackhead in Turkeys

There are tons of websites that will explain what blackhead in turkeys is – and most will tell you it’s fatal and your turkey will die within 3 days with 80-100% death rate. What you need to know is this … Continue reading

Giving Shots to Poultry

I try to do everything I can to help feather babies as naturally as possible using mostly herbs. But occasionally there are times when they do need special medical attention. Since the vast majority of vets aren’t into Avian medicine … Continue reading

Easy Apartment Livestock – Brief Intro to Quail

My button and coturnix quail have been laying well lately. Each day I collect a small bounty from the garden then stop by the quail enclosure and collect their eggs: With the latest world events more and more people have … Continue reading

Helping an Egg Bound Turkey

My sweet royal palm turkey hen recovered from black head (yes, they can recover from this – I’ll do a separate post) only to get egg bound by her very first egg.  Egg bound birds tend to have a hunched … Continue reading

Summer 2019

This summer has been busy but lately it’s also been terribly hot. Although I lived in Florida for almost twenty years as well as in the sweltering tropics during my childhood…I just can’t take the heat anymore. I think I’m … Continue reading

Talking Turkey

The past two years since Rupert (my beloved turkey) was killed, I had somewhat of an underlying depression. There’s been little new life here…until this spring. My turkey hens weren’t hatching their eggs and my sole male, Ira, wasn’t taking … Continue reading

Dealing with Tough Hatches & Weak Chicks

It’s the season where nearly a quarter of my flock starts wanting to be a mom. My makeshift barn is now a nursery with irritable hens sitting on eggs. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve been hatching eggs in the … Continue reading

The Littlest Hero

Remember little Hazel? Her mother hatched her little ones just as the nights were getting cold. Shortly after she started molting (losing her feathers). This resulted in two babies dying overnight so I brought Hazel inside to live with me … Continue reading

Typical Farm Days – Bounty Hunting

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about farm life (other than the being single aspects) is what my daily farm life is like. This happened last week: I was wondering what happened to the egg production when … Continue reading