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When Life Changes

For many years now my life has been mostly slow, sometimes painfully so. While I treasure the peace and quiet of my little farm and the companionship of my animals and a few close souls, life had decided to speed … Continue reading

Goodbye 2018

2018 seemed to fly by! It was mostly a great year and I’m pretty happy about writing my first book – or at least the first draft of it.  I’ve been a total slacker about writing on my blog the … Continue reading

Vacation Eggs

Last week I was away from the farm for a few days. Every time I’m away the chickens take full advantage of their farm sitters by hiding their eggs all over the place. Sometimes they get surprisingly creative. The first … Continue reading

Big News!

Remember my devastatingly embarrassing calls recently? My animals did everything they could to be noticed during my interviews…from having crow-offs to making fart noises and even trying to eat my notes. You can read about it here. Well, apparently the … Continue reading

Animals Can Be Jerks

Yesterday I had a full day of calls that were very important to me. Of course, cell service inside my house dropped to zero bars so I had to take my calls outside. Prior to the calls I was directed … Continue reading

Baby with a Destiny

Last week an old friend of mine from Tampa contacted me about a baby goat he was going to buy. He’s never had farm animals and wanted guidance. Since I love to give my opinion I was fully prepared to … Continue reading

More Dumb Things I Do

I seem to never have a shortage of stories about dumb things I do or that happen to me. One of the great things about farm life is there’s no one around to see the dumb or embarrassing things that … Continue reading

Vacay from the Farm: The Kentucky Derby

For a variety of reasons, I rarely leave the farm. Every once in a while I get the opportunity to get away and earlier this month, courtesy of some very generous friends, I was able to experience one of my … Continue reading

Discovering New Ways

Learning to run a nonprofit farm hasn’t been easy. Since 100% of donations go directly to maintaining the animals I’ve struggled with trying to find a way to thank donors without spending precious money. Another issue I’ve come up against … Continue reading

The Littlest Hero

Remember little Hazel? Her mother hatched her little ones just as the nights were getting cold. Shortly after she started molting (losing her feathers). This resulted in two babies dying overnight so I brought Hazel inside to live with me … Continue reading