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When Cosmo Comes Calling

This past August I received an email from an editor with I thought it was a joke. After researching her info and discovering it was legit I responded and we set a time to talk on the phone. Since … Continue reading

The Latest Arrivals Don’t Get Better Than This

Milking the goats in the summer months sucks. There’s no way around taking a shower twice a day to combat the sweat. The girls are irritable and I’m not thrilled with the heat either. This year I decided to expose … Continue reading

Assisting Goat Births is No Kidding Around

I switched it up this year and exposed the girls to their bucks this summer hoping for Thanksgiving babies. Both Maybelle and Gemma Jane had their kids the week before. Now there are two bouncing baby boys running around the … Continue reading

Farm Animal Parenting Styles

Willow, the first chicken I hatched became a mom today. Unfortunately, she has fowl pox and is unable to see from one eye. She panicked when the babies hatched and killed one and pecked one hard so I had to take her … Continue reading

New Fencing

Next month is my 4 year anniversary of leaving Tampa to start my farm life and I’ve just completed the first phase of farm fencing! You know you’ve done something “rurally cool” when farmers show up to check out your … Continue reading

Goats as Landscapers

It’s getting popular to use goats to clear properties overrun with brush and vines. They’re an environmentally sound option and usually do quick work of overrun areas. Before my first goats (Maybelle and her twins) my property had an abundance … Continue reading

A City Girls Advice for Moving to a Rural Life

I hear from more and more people who want to move to a country lifestyle. They want advice from everything from property selection to animal breeds and even dating. I searched for a long time trying to find someone doing … Continue reading