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How to get rid of pesky fruit flies – quickly and naturally

Y’all, this simple recipe works, and fast.  In a shallow ramekin or pan pour enough apple cider vinegar to fill up to between 1/2 inch, up to an inch. Add two drops of liquid soap (more for a larger pan … Continue reading

Feed Bag Tote Tutorial

There are lots of ways to repurpose old plastic feed bags. Here’s a picture tutorial on how to turn old feed bags into a reusable grocery tote. The best part of this is if you mess up – who cares!? … Continue reading

Giving Shots to Poultry

I try to do everything I can to help feather babies as naturally as possible using mostly herbs. But occasionally there are times when they do need special medical attention. Since the vast majority of vets aren’t into Avian medicine … Continue reading

Garden Fertility – Dealing with Zucchini & Squash Low Production

I’ve finally planted a few vegetables for my fall garden, including zucchini. Over the summer I noticed a LOT of people having issues getting their gardens to produce – despite having an abundance of flowers.  This happened in my new … Continue reading

Summer Update

Hi guys!  2020 has been rough for a lot of people – for me as well. Last month my Volvo was totaled when someone t-boned me – on the drivers side. I suffered a concussion and body contusions. It could … Continue reading

Easy Apartment Livestock – Brief Intro to Quail

My button and coturnix quail have been laying well lately. Each day I collect a small bounty from the garden then stop by the quail enclosure and collect their eggs: With the latest world events more and more people have … Continue reading

Regrow Kitchen Scraps

With so many people looking to save money, cultivate their own foods as well as teach their children, I thought I’d do a quick post about regrowing kitchen scraps. Did you know some scraps can be regrown? Things like green … Continue reading

Covid and Farm Life

Two big things stand out about the current pandemic. 1. The rural community is tighter than ever. 2. Nearly all my farm help from community service hours has ceased. What does a single farm girl do? Big things, like heavy … Continue reading

Helping an Egg Bound Turkey

My sweet royal palm turkey hen recovered from black head (yes, they can recover from this – I’ll do a separate post) only to get egg bound by her very first egg.  Egg bound birds tend to have a hunched … Continue reading

Never Been Happier to Have a Farm

While everyone is hoarding supplies in cities and towns world-wide for those of us who live in rural areas, it’s life as usual. Due to our physical distance from society we all tend to naturally stock supplies. There’s nothing worse … Continue reading