Goats as Landscapers Update

This is a brief update to my Goats as Landscapers post. This is a busy week. One of my nieces is graduating from Ole Miss and I have a bunch of family arriving this week to celebrate. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

Parents of the Year Goes to…

I was afraid the cold snap would keep the goose eggs from developing but three hatched and two are thriving! Unfortunately, I lost one baby I tried desperately to save. I wrote about that experience here. Last year I bought five Sebastopol goslings and … Continue reading

Catch Me If You Can

Every day I’m careful not to let Luca into the chicken coop. He isn’t allowed in the coop because he disturbs the hens and steals eggs.  I can’t blame him for wanting farm fresh eggs but he gets plenty that are … Continue reading

Chicks for Babes

It’s the time of year when the hens are laying well. Last year I donated hatching eggs to the local Montessori school so the kids could learn about the early cycle of chicken life. With lighter colored eggs kids are … Continue reading

100 Years Gone

Recently I wrote about losing trees in my blog titled A Different Kind of Death. Having so many dead trees sticking out around the property was going to make for very sad seasons. The cedars that died didn’t lose their brown needles … Continue reading

Farm Help

Every year the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) hosts a “Big Event” day. This event encourages students to volunteer in the local community as a large group. Students can do anything from help dust a home to garden or even … Continue reading

Helping a Hatchling – a Story, Not a How-To

I have Sebastopol geese I raised myself. I anxiously awaited while my goose, Poppy, patiently sat on a nest with ten large eggs under her. She got off the nest periodically (usually once every couple of days) to eat, take a bath and stretch her legs … Continue reading

What’s Next with the Farm

After the recent publicity I’ve been asked what’s next for me in regards to my personal life and little farm. For the past several years the thought of leaving my property gave me an immediate panic attack. I couldn’t imagine not … Continue reading

It’s Planting Time and I Suck at Gardening

I’m think I’m the only person who can grow beautiful tomatoes that taste like total crap. I’m a living example of an epic failure at growing plants. I’m into my 5th year on a farm and I still have a brown thumb … Continue reading

Homemade Peanut Butter or Any Nut Butter

This is probably a post you’d expect from a five year old but I really love homemade peanut butter. It’s super easy to make at home if you’re inclined to do so. I like knowing what’s in my food as … Continue reading