Covid and Farm Life

Two big things stand out about the current pandemic. 1. The rural community is tighter than ever. 2. Nearly all my farm help from community service hours has ceased. What does a single farm girl do? Big things, like heavy … Continue reading

Helping an Egg Bound Turkey

My sweet royal palm turkey hen recovered from black head (yes, they can recover from this – I’ll do a separate post) only to get egg bound by her very first egg.  Egg bound birds tend to have a hunched … Continue reading

Never Been Happier to Have a Farm

While everyone is hoarding supplies in cities and towns world-wide for those of us who live in rural areas, it’s life as usual. Due to our physical distance from society we all tend to naturally stock supplies. There’s nothing worse … Continue reading

This one hurts.

Writing this one hurts. I’ve been living the farm lifestyle for over seven years now. One thing I’ve never been prepared for is the sheer amount of loss. I suppose when you have a life with animals, who have much … Continue reading

Polio in Goats

Last week I went out to feed the animals and my buck, Chauncey, pranced up to me crying. This in itself isn’t abnormal. He always gets excited about feeding time. At first I giggled because his antics were more over … Continue reading

Reflections of My Farm Life

It’s been 7 years now (I can’t even believe it) since I left my city life for a farm life. It was 10 years ago that I started this blog to help bring more self-reliance into my city life. Granted, … Continue reading

Bringing Home Baby(ies)

It was time. After Maybelle’s attack well over a year ago,  (you can read about it here), she’s fully recovered. At first, she needed time alone to heal but after a year of this I could tell she wanted her … Continue reading

Summer 2019

This summer has been busy but lately it’s also been terribly hot. Although I lived in Florida for almost twenty years as well as in the sweltering tropics during my childhood…I just can’t take the heat anymore. I think I’m … Continue reading

Senior Animals

Having senior animals is a part of farm life, at least eventually. Now that I’m approaching seven years on the farm I’m rapidly moving into having senior animals. Luca, my farm guard dog, is over six now. He has another … Continue reading

Getting Old-Fashioned

I mentioned this briefly in my last post but my favorite farm additions have always been small things that really increase quality of life. Over the years I’ve added things like a tree swing, screen door and picnic table – … Continue reading