Helping a Hatchling – a Story, Not a How-To

I have Sebastopol geese I raised myself. I anxiously awaited while my goose, Poppy, patiently sat on a nest with ten large eggs under her. She got off the nest periodically (usually once every couple of days) to eat, take a bath and stretch her legs … Continue reading

What’s Next with the Farm

After the recent publicity I’ve been asked what’s next for me in regards to my personal life and little farm. For the past several years the thought of leaving my property gave me an immediate panic attack. I couldn’t imagine not … Continue reading

It’s Planting Time and I Suck at Gardening

I’m think I’m the only person who can grow beautiful tomatoes that taste like total crap. I’m a living example of an epic failure at growing plants. I’m into my 5th year on a farm and I still have a brown thumb … Continue reading

Homemade Peanut Butter or Any Nut Butter

This is probably a post you’d expect from a five year old but I really love homemade peanut butter. It’s super easy to make at home if you’re inclined to do so. I like knowing what’s in my food as … Continue reading

A Different Kind of Death

I’ve been away for awhile after being thrown through my screen door by Valentino. My ribs and lung hurt for awhile and then I got a stomach bug. Fun times. Being sick or hurt while being solo on a small farm is no fun … Continue reading

Has this ever happened in history?

The dumbest thing happened to me this weekend. It was a beautiful day outside. I had every door and window with a screen open to the 70 degree breeze. You have to have screens in the country because of all the flying bugs. Adding a … Continue reading

Overcoming the Future

It’s late February and it’s an unseasonably warm evening. My property is starting to green up and the daffodils and other bulb plants are blooming. I have the windows and doors open to the fresh air and the spring peepers … Continue reading

Welcoming New Additions – Ellie the Baby Goat

I had Maybelle’s buckling posted for sale since shortly after he was born. The holidays went by without any real interest in him. He was a beautiful boy but looks just like my buck and having too much testosterone on … Continue reading

Guest Blog: The Cosmo Experience from the Outside Looking In

This guest blog is from the perspective of one of my friends regarding the Cosmo experience: Before last Tuesday morning when her story broke, Jake and I talked about how it could go. Over the course of the months between the … Continue reading

The Cosmo Whirlwind

It’s been several days since Cosmopolitan released the their #WhyIQuit Escapes feature. If you’re unfamiliar with me you can read my site and blogs but, in a nutshell, I’ve been fairly reclusive for over four years now – meaning, it’s … Continue reading