Single and Solo on the Farm – “Snow Day”

It’s been a long day to cap off a very long, trying week both with work and the farm. Winter on a farm is tough but for those of you who are single, especially women like me with a penchant … Continue reading

Wry Neck in Chickens

One of my Lemon Chiffon Brahma chickens, Amelie, has had a tough time lately. First she contracted Fowl Pox and had a difficult time eating due to the sores around her mouth. Then she came down with coccidia followed by … Continue reading

The Naughty List

With the new year I’ve decided to try something new by implementing an animal shaming program. I’m calling it “The Naughty List”. This list will be comprised of animals who I seem to always be reprimanding their bad behaviors. My hope … Continue reading

Adios, 2017!

Happy New Year! 2017 marked my fifth year on the farm. It was a year of incredible highs and lows. It kicked me out of my reclusiveness and brought the world to my doorstep. It gave me amazing opportunities and introduced me to wonderfully authentic … Continue reading

Easy Homemade Bean & Bacon Soup

This time of year makes me miss the lush, green Tampa winters. It’s bleak and frigid outside and the last thing I want to do is leave the house and fight holiday traffic just for a quick trip to the … Continue reading

Farm Donations & Pumpkin Eating

The weather has been chilly and gloomy lately. We’ve had over seven inches of rain in less than a week. The pond has been brutally low for two years so I’m happy to see it filling up. I’ve been taking advantage of being … Continue reading

How to Make a Homemade Chick Diaper

It’s official. I’ve become the crazy chicken lady.  This morning I spent an hour trying to make a diaper for a chick. Let me explain. It’s very late in the season to have a hen want to hatch eggs and … Continue reading

Rescue Animals – Baby Goat

About a week ago I received a call from my niece. The vet contacted her about a sickly baby goat someone had dropped off. Apparently a college girl found the baby in her yard. The baby looked much like a … Continue reading

Me vs. The Hawk

I never know what will happen in any given day but there’s rarely a dull moment here. A few days ago while I was doing the PM feeding and putting the animals to bed I realized one of my turkey … Continue reading

Southern Toffee

  It’s that time of year when I can’t stay out of the kitchen. So far this morning I’ve made bread, bone broth, lemon chicken soup, pot roast and toffee. I don’t know why I make toffee. Somehow it keeps finding its way … Continue reading