Overcoming the Future

It’s late February and it’s an unseasonably warm evening. My property is starting to green up and the daffodils and other bulb plants are blooming. I have the windows and doors open to the fresh air and the spring peepers … Continue reading

Welcoming New Additions – Ellie the Baby Goat

I had Maybelle’s buckling posted for sale since shortly after he was born. The holidays went by without any real interest in him. He was a beautiful boy but looks just like my buck and having too much testosterone on … Continue reading

Guest Blog: The Cosmo Experience from the Outside Looking In

This guest blog is from the perspective of one of my friends on the Cosmo experience: Before last Tuesday morning when her story broke, Jake and I talked about how it could go. Over the course of the months between … Continue reading

The Cosmo Whirlwind

It’s been several days since Cosmopolitan released the their #WhyIQuit Escapes feature. If you’re unfamiliar with me you can read my site and blogs but, in a nutshell, I’ve been fairly reclusive for over four years now – meaning, it’s … Continue reading


I’m writing this on the eve of the day the article about me goes live on Cosmopolitan.com. My arm is tired from milking Gemma Jane. Milking her is a one-armed workout and it usually takes a couple of weeks to get back into … Continue reading

Links I Love – Great & Not-So-Great Farmy Companies

There are many farm related sites with advice, products or services I love, and some I don’t recommend for a variety of reasons. I haven’t been paid or compensated for these recommendations. These are sites, products and services I’ve found … Continue reading

Processing Chicken Feet for Wholesome Stock

For years I’ve made my own stock but recently I’ve taken it to the next level. In a quest to use as much of the animal as I can I decided to learn how to incorporate chicken feet when making bone stock. … Continue reading

Homemade Gumbo

Happy New Year! I’ve been making this gumbo for years during any hint of cool weather. People request it year-round and. I get asked for the recipe all the time. It’s a very basic chicken and Andouille sausage recipe with … Continue reading

When Cosmo Comes Calling

This past August I received an email from an editor with Cosmopolitan.com. I thought it was a joke. After researching her info and discovering it was legit I responded and we set a time to talk on the phone. Since … Continue reading

The Latest Arrivals Don’t Get Better Than This

Milking the goats in the summer months sucks. There’s no way around taking a shower twice a day to combat the sweat. The girls are irritable and I’m not thrilled with the heat either. This year I decided to expose … Continue reading