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Excursions with My Entourage

We finally had a day without rain.  I decided to take the goats into the forest to play and search for early greenery. The turkeys, geese, Luca and the cats trailed along behind us. They all seem to love adventures. We have … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day – and Other Signs of Spring

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a beautifully rainy day. It’s also not too cold to have the windows open to enjoy the sounds of nature. I have a fire going but only for ambiance. I can hear the wind blowing through my chimes … Continue reading

Typical Farm Days – Bounty Hunting

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about farm life (other than the being single aspects) is what my daily farm life is like. This happened last week: I was wondering what happened to the egg production when … Continue reading

Every Day Isn’t Like Disney

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about farm life (other than the being single aspects) is what my daily farm life is like. Here’s a snippet from the past week: Before my farm life, while living in … Continue reading

Don’t Poop on the Prada!

A cautionary tale: Due to the extremely cold weather I brought the baby chicks the house. Most mornings they’re up before I am and I can hear them playing and chattering to each other. It’s both annoying and super cute. It’s … Continue reading

Snowy Morning

I’ve always been a weather watcher. In my city life it was mostly to know what kind of hair day I was going to have. Or if I needed to properly time my escape from an afternoon downpour. In the … Continue reading

Scissor Beak, Cross Beak in Chickens

I received my latest order of chicks over a month ago. As usual, they were adorable little balls of peeping fluff. They all seemed healthy and happy at the time and they were for almost a week. As usual, every one … Continue reading

Single and Solo on the Farm – “Snow Day”

It’s been a long day to cap off a very long, trying week both with work and the farm. Winter on a farm is tough but for those of you who are single, especially women like me with a penchant … Continue reading

Wry Neck in Chickens

One of my Lemon Chiffon Brahma chickens, Amelie, has had a tough time lately. First she contracted Fowl Pox and had a difficult time eating due to the sores around her mouth. Then she came down with coccidia followed by … Continue reading

The Naughty List

With the new year I’ve decided to try something new by implementing an animal shaming program. I’m calling it “The Naughty List”. This list will be comprised of animals who I seem to always be reprimanding their bad behaviors. My hope … Continue reading