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A True Ugly Duckling Story

Some animals (not all) have a strong desire to be a parent. Delia, my sweetest duck, was one of those animals who wanted to be a mother. One day she disappeared and I found her hiding by the pond. She was quietly … Continue reading

Even Chickens Fall in Love at First Sight – Seriously

Every once in a while, if you’re present, you can witness small miracles. Marcel the rooster was the recipient of such a miracle and I had the honor of seeing it. Marcel was a Black Copper Marans rooster, the breed that lays the chocolate colored egg – … Continue reading

Little Boys Toys

This one is going to be hard. Writing this blog is like talking to myself in a dark room. I’m not sure if anyone is listening but there’s no judgment either and that makes this easier. Still, this is the … Continue reading

Being Sick and Solo on a Farm – the Downside of this Lifestyle

People always ask me how I do this alone. It’s really not that difficult…until you’re ill. Then life sucks pretty hard. I’ve been able to manage through most illnesses. The lack of rest and physical exertion tend to prolong illness … Continue reading

Morgan Freeman has my cats

When I first moved into my new home I was told there was a feral kitten living under the house. No one in the neighborhood claimed it (there are a LOT of abandoned animals in the country). It took about … Continue reading