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How to Make Cajeta – Goat Milk Caramel Sauce

Whenever I have a couple extra quarts of goat milk I love to make caramel sauce (Cajeta). It can be made with fresh cows milk too, but then it’s called dulce de leche. It’s simply decadent! Kids love it, adults … Continue reading

Farm Fresh Eggs vs. Factory Eggs

People often ask me what the difference is between pastured/farm fresh eggs and factory eggs – or most of the eggs you find at any major grocery. See for yourself: Before you even crack an egg you can often see … Continue reading

Learn to Make Almond Milk – or any nut milk

Nut milks areĀ easy to make and nutritious. Click here for a short video demonstration: Ingredients: 1 cup pre-soaked, raw almonds (or your nut of choice. Now I use pecans from my trees) 4 cups purified orĀ filtered water 1.5 teaspoons … Continue reading